A small person who hasn't grown since middle school and is at least under 5 feet. Being a chipmunk is often caused by genetics or exposure to random barrels of toxic waste. They are often dangerous and sweet at the same time.
Person 1: Wow, she's so short!

Person 2: Well, she IS a chipmunk.

Person 1: !Aww! :3
by the evil dead hahahaha December 11, 2008
a lil chatting session!!! for two people to gossip!!!
do you wana go chipmunk
hell yeh!
by lindzecca February 07, 2008
the most maniacal hell bent animal on the face of the earth. known for the killings of JFK and Jimmy Hoffa. They kill all in there path and often shoot down and blade rape those in there path.
according to the warren commision the chipmunk was the single bullet
by Frank Tellihnugh January 27, 2008
To Chipmunk,

When one vomits inside ones mouth, expanding cheeks, appearing as if a chipmunk.
Fred got wasted and chipmunked on the subway last night, then let it out all over some old bitch, it was fuckin disgusting.
by Bill Paxton, the 2nd February 09, 2009
A boy that is really arrogant, desperate for a lay, and generally a BASTARD.

This guy Chris joined my circle of friends but we found all he wanted was someone to fuck.
Damn, that guy is really a chipmunk.
by Theresa B. December 12, 2005
To stab a girl's crotch violently with your penis.
It must go all the way into the crotch for it to be a "chipmunk"
Todd: "Dude, I chipmunked Vanessa last night!"
Ian: "Big f*****g deal, I chipmunked YO MOMMA 2 MIN AGO!
by YeMaj 44 May 30, 2008
when a person saves semen in their mouth for some later purpose, e.g., to use as facecream, to use as rape "evidence", or for impregnation
In Irons vs. Phillips, Phillips ended up paying $800 per month child support even though Irons chipmunked.
by rhinozrus February 12, 2009
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