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When a guys pants are hiked up severely in the front, so badly that it presses his nuts out to each side, therefore creating the look of a chipmunk with it's cheeks full.
Aw man, after riding the mechanical bull I had a SERIOUS chipmunk going on!!
by Barrell December 28, 2007
When you deep throat so deep that you stick a ball in each cheek.
lauren ccould chipmunk all day long.
by Dr. Andy September 30, 2007
Fatty with high-pitched voice who frequently gets beat up badly by younger girls, likes to pretend hes smart and rub it in your face, babied by his mom and treated like a 3-year-old.
Tattle-tale who tells his mommy when ever someone is doing something "bad" and has his mommy pick him up. Weak loser with no friends.
"I just beat up that chipmunk, i made him cry"
by ekirtissitrike November 26, 2006
Chipmunks are the most adorable creatures!
They are lively, speedy critters and are members

of the squirrel family.
Oh, look at those cute chipmunks over there! Just adorable!
by ILoveKetchup! March 22, 2013
word used to inform a bro of the presence of an ugly ass girl who's close by without saying terms like "the one who looks like my grandpa" or "the fugley one" that get her attention and turn her on to you.
Dude 1: Oh my GOD bro, look at that chipmunk!!

Dude 2: Holy shit! It looks like Snooki's vagina!
by Tehsmexynest April 16, 2011
'Chipmunk' - Most girls you see with a decent looking guy, although they may be attractive they look very chipmunk/ferrit like. Not only this but these girls tend to be very fake.....and usually end up being psycho stalking ex girlfriends.
''My friend 'the sleaze' is really into this guy DM, but his Chipmunk is on the scene'' ...... ''Wait, isn't that the Chipmunk who started a fight in that club last weekend?'' .......''Yeah....psycho Chipmunk!''
by 3 Witches of Eastwick November 10, 2009
A small person who hasn't grown since middle school and is at least under 5 feet. Being a chipmunk is often caused by genetics or exposure to random barrels of toxic waste. They are often dangerous and sweet at the same time.
Person 1: Wow, she's so short!

Person 2: Well, she IS a chipmunk.

Person 1: !Aww! :3
by the evil dead hahahaha December 11, 2008