one who gobbles nuts
savannah twiford is a chipmunk
by savannah like nuts July 14, 2008
a small animal in the rodent family. also a sexual act in which a girl giving a guy oral sex and then puts a nut in each cheek which gives her a chipmunk like appearence
damn1, and cant believe that girl did a chipmunk on me!
by montana is gay March 22, 2004
When its been a long time since a male has ejaculated, he fills his partners mouth up with so much cum... she looks like a Chipmunk
Dude, its been so long since I ejaculated... after I let loose in her mouth, she looked like a Chipmunk
by Leperchaun Lover December 07, 2010
a small, skinny, food-deprived creature with two buck teeth.
wow... that girl is such a chipmunk.
by buzzykilledit April 26, 2009
when a girl takes your balls and tucks them into her cheeks, causing her to resemble a chipmunk
Will: Man, last night, Allie took my nuts and tucked them in her cheeks!

Brian: Shit man, you got chipmunked!
by Kfcforme15 June 20, 2011
Usually referred to as a funny looking little beaver. They tend to overly use phrases like "sketch", and "sketchy" frequently. Can be found at your local party but reside in the heart of Simi Valley. Just recently they have been pronounced to swim after working all summer with kids, but enjoy such activities like shopping, painting their nails, and meeting cute boys. If ever come into an encounter with one of these creatures don't be alarmed by their heavy congested accent, they've gradually began to sound that way due to their low immune system.
No! She's a chipmunk!
by TurtleSwagg143<3 January 23, 2011
most beautiful thing created by god in this whole universe
i love my chipmunk she's the best
by mrhs33rams March 21, 2010

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