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1 (n): a small rodent, similar in shape to a squirrel, characterized by the black and white stripes on its back. Often seen on rock walls and, sometimes, playing games with cars in the middle of the road. Sometimes it loses. See pancake.
Woah, a chipmunk just scurried behind your back and went into that hole in the ground!
by PCheese May 31, 2004
To insert both of one's partner's testicles into one's mouth simultaneously while performing fellatio causing one's cheeks to puff out, giving the appearance of a chipmunk
Dave Bumba: did your girl finally go down on you last night?

Frank Turner: yes she did. And let me say she's a freak. She chipmunked me so hard that I lost my vision as I chipspunked on her face
by Chipspunky October 21, 2010
During a blowjob, a female may be able to deepthroat a man's cock. Truly experienced ladies can also engulf the balls into their mouth, causing them to have the appearance of a chipmunk storing nuts in the cheeks.
Lisa was deepthroating me last night and totally chipmunked my nuts.
by P--Nasty January 27, 2014
Unhappy person in an antisocial mood, whose attitude is charecterized by the to desire to avoid social contacts in order to work on geek stuff, such as installing an Amiga emulator on his PC or play with a progamable calculator on a Friday night.
He's not coming with us because he's such a chipmunk.
by Edgar Pruviance May 27, 2009
A person who has a squeaky voice.

Someone who's voice hasn't changed since they were 5 years old.

People who sound like the famous chipumks from Alivn and the Chipmunks.
'OMG you sound like a chipmunk'
by Llama God September 09, 2006
When one goes to a party where drinks are available, and procedes to stash the beers or bottles in their bag or coat, resembling a chipmunk stashing nuts in their mouth.
Yeah bro, I totally chipmunked a few brewskis from that shitty party.
by Danatee January 27, 2009
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