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When someone can't tell if you're Mexican or Asian.
That lady gave me a Chinko de Mayo and asked me a question in Spanish. I AM CAMBODIAN!!
by skrex July 09, 2014
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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a Chinese restaurant.
“Are you going to eat at a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo?”
“No, I’m doing Chinko de Mayo this year and drinking sake and eating sushi. It’s a Chinko de Mayo miracle!”
by Bunker Fairway May 06, 2013
5 6
When chinks (chinese people) try to celebrate the border hopping holiday, cinco de mayo and ruin it for all of the jewish white people trying to celebrate it at taco bell.
Jew 1: God damn man, all these chinks are ruining my cinco de mayo.

Jew 2: I know man their a bunch of dirty chinko de mayo's!

Jew 1: They suck, they should be fixing someones computer somewhere.

Jew 2: I hate chinko de mayo's!!!!

Jew 1: Shalom!
by Donkeyfooh29 December 27, 2010
17 19