A penalty called in hockey when you fight a chinese hockey player and the ref says two minutes for roughing and ten minutes cuz you called him a chink.
Ref:"okay number eight that's two minutes for roughing and ten minute misconduct ."

Number 8: "why did I get the other 10 minute penalty?"

Ref:" because you called him a chink so that's two for roughing and ten for chinking now get in the box and keep your mouth shut."
#hockey penalty #chink #hockey #referee #fight #roughing
by J8Rod November 22, 2009
Top Definition
A side-effect of cannabis use that causes the muscles of one's eyelids to become relaxed and slightly closed to take on the appearance of someone from Asian - or 'chink' - descent.

A similar side-effect sometimes called 'red-eye' can also occur if a user is a new smoker or just smokes a lot. This is caused from dilation of the capillary veins within the eyes.
Shit man, don't be chinking so hard when we get to school! The teacher's will know we're stoned!
#weed #side #effect #chinese #eyes #marijuana
by RockNn311 June 26, 2010
1. The act of prioritizing academic work overthe attendance at social gatherings/ parties. See Synonym: Schoolboy bitch.

2. The act of being extremely frugal
Neil: "It's Friday! Let's go out and have some fun!"
Rob: "I don't know man... I am prolly gonna head to the library to do some work"
Max: "Wow...you've lived there the past week. Lay off the chinking."
#nerd #geek #swag #frugal #cheap #rusthoven
by TrollNation October 20, 2011
like drinking, but with your chin in the glass.

1. chin and mouth in galss.
2.suck air out so galss sticks (put thumb where a hole is if possible.
3. tilt head back and DRINK.

person 1: what would happen if i put my chin in the galss?
person2: chinking?
#chin #drink #glass #mouth #air
by ChinkersFORVER August 11, 2008
to chink, i chought


not to be confused with the racial slur "chink"

Me N muh GiRlz wuZ chinking BouT HoLlErIn AtChOo
#chink #chinking #sex #fuck me #to think #thought #chought #i chinked
by Mz. ThaNg August 04, 2007
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