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n., pl., Chineys.

Chiney means Chinese girl. It becomes more and more popular because of the China's fast growing power.

(1) A girl of typically Chinese ancestry or any girl of Eastern Asian descent (i.e. Chinese, Japnese, Korean, Mongolian, Russian Siberian, or Vietnamese, etc.).

(2) A physically / sexually attractive girl or young woman from Eastern Asia.

(3) A sexually appealing oriental female who appears to be of Eastern Asian descent.

Chiney = Chine + Ney (Neyu)
Chine = China in French
Ney (Ni, 妮) / Neyu (Niu, 妞) = Girl in Chinese
"Dude! You fuck with that Chinese hottie? I really want to bone that Chiney. I just told her she is my gal and she said she liked me. I cannot wait to get laid with that hot Chiney tonight."

"Got her yesterday. This Chiney is hottest chick I've ever dated. Her table dance is surprisingly good for any age. gl with it."
by bestmsg November 07, 2009
The excess layer of fat on the butt cheeks that creates a flab, or crack under the butt cheeks.
"That girl's chiney is showing because her bathing suit is too small."
by Panda B October 11, 2009
A racial slur used by Jamaicans to refer to Asians.
1. Aye, chiney gyal.

2. Chiney, sell mi a weave.
by ieatcement December 17, 2008
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