Any amount of cars blocking the road due to violent destruction of engines, tires, or drivers. Typically used by gangsters to elude police chases.
Thug A: The cops are on our tail man!
Wheelman: No problem, just stick your Mac 10 out the window at the next intersection and we'll setup a chinese roadblock.

pictorial example: In the movie The Corruptor, escaping gang members stop police by shooting up innocents in a traffic intersection.
by badxmaru July 27, 2006
Top Definition
Setting the speed of your vehicle on the highway to that of another vehicle in the next lane that is currently driving no faster than the speed limit to punish drivers behind you who have been tailgating you for miles. This generally only works on two-lane highways.
This jackass behind me has been riding my bumper for 10 minutes. Let's set up a Chinese roadblock and see if we can get him to have a coronary.
by A-Damage March 22, 2011
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