1.the hottest bitches in the worrlllddd.
i love them like a fat kid loves cake.
except for that one chick in my math class. she's meaannn, but that's beside the point. They be hot and have good food (takeout is NOT real chinese food, but it is still delicious), and all the chinese-americans I've met have been hard working and smart as heeellll.
2.A term used by ignorant people to identify all asians.
1.Chinese-American:I just got a "B"!NOOOOO!-dies-
2.Whitie-American:Are you chinese?
Korean-American:No, I'm Korean.
Whitie-American:Ching Chong?What?
Korean-American:I'm Korean.
Whitie-American:What part of China is that in?
Korean-American:It's not in....nevermind. Idiot.
by A Racially Confused White Girl October 21, 2008
A race originating from the country of China. Also the language of the country of Chinese. There are different types of chinese people out there and many different type of chinese languages. Chinese people are usually loud and tends to be very cautious about things. They dont like to waste money and waste stuff. They are known for their smartness because they work their ass off trying to suceed. Most chinese immigrants are FOBS and tries to fit in with their messed up english.
The chinese has probably the greatest population out of all the asians.
by kinky_69 June 18, 2005
A group of people from Far East Asia that used to have a rich history such as the Three Kingdoms, literature and Confucius. Unfortunately, this is all gone and is replaced by greedy, selfish, money-hungry people that only care about their status. China is almost entirely capitalistic with little regard for the environment, the planet or even human life since money and social status is far more important than anything else.

Not only that, but the Chinese were partially responsible for the annihilation of rhinos due to their bullshit, nonsensical medicine. Hell, they single-handedly caused a species of quail in China to go extinct. The modern Chinese person is extremely primitive since they piss and shit in public, on the floors, in trains, in stores, etc. They even have a dog-eating contest and these dogs were stolen from other people. That's right, these dogs were originally pets stolen without permission. They don't give a shit for others. Hell, they're willing to kill baby girls since boys are far more important than girls in their culture and society.

Ironically, in modern Chinese culture, they brag about themselves and butt into other people's business but if you say anything to them, they become all butthurt and hate you forever. They are by far the most annoying people around due to their easily butthurt attitude, their obsession with money and status, and indifference towards the world.
The Chinese are primitive assholes that brag about themselves and are willing to annihilate the entire Earth in order to get status and money.
by Wahrsager350 July 29, 2015

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