When you have to puke and shit at the same time so you begin spewing out of both ends while rotating 360 degrees.
He was so drunk that he began to do the chinese water fountain in the back yard to due lack of control
by rhcpfan16 November 12, 2012
Top Definition
When you are getting head from your girl and the split second before you ejaculate you upper cut that bitch, resulting your dick getting bit off. That's when your jizz and blood spew out like a water fountain.
It did hurt a little when she bit my penis off, but she sure did enjoy my chinese water fountain.
by moneymanizel$2$ June 02, 2016
When a girls suckin yo dick and as you are about to climax you upper cut her jaw. this causes her to bite off your penis and enjoy the fountain of blood and seamen
Me and that bitch just chinese waterfountained
by J.P is my main OG May 23, 2016
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