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An undergraduate student from Mainland China who is paying full fees at a Western university for a Bachelor of Commerce equivalent degree. This class of student is an increasingly attractive "cash cow" for universities facing budget cut-backs.

Chinese business students stream themselves into either quantitative subjects e.g. financial management or soft, qualitative offerings e.g. general management. Since they have been admitted more by their ability to pay inflated "full cost" fees than their academic abilities, their ability to speak and write technical English is often poor meaning that they struggle to pass, do not contribute, unreflectively and uncritically rote learn, plagiarize and cluster together in class and socially.

Many are only-child, spoilt "little emperors" who possess immature social skills that are more expected of very young teenagers than adults.
Anyone who is a member of a university business program as either a student or member of faculty will recognize the Chinese business student demographic.
by The Watcher On The Wall June 06, 2011
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