When one ties, or attaches in any manner or fashion, fireworks or pyrotechnics to their genitals before igniting.
That rioter was just a string away from having a Chinese New Year.
by kpATN June 16, 2011
Top Definition
When a person attaches one or more fireworks to their genitals and then igniting said fireworks.
Drunkard #1: "Dude I woke up this morning and I smelled like gunpowder and all my ball hair was scorched off!"

Drunkard #2: "Yeah, you tied a dozen bottle rockets to your wang and pulled a chinese new year."
by CJudge941 June 16, 2011
when somone wrap your genitals in fireworks and light them. On behalf of kevin pereira of AOTS.
Dave: Yo did you hear about Marc?
Jessica: No, what happened.
Dave: He had a Chinese New Year and he almost died
by nerdymatt98 June 16, 2011
The act of wrapping fireworks around your penis and lighting them off.
In Jackass, Johnny Knoxville decided to do a Chinese Newyear.
by James Whithazee June 16, 2011
When a man wraps his genitals in fireworks, then lights them.
For the 4th of July, we had our friend show us a Chinese New Year, best fireworks ever.
by AOTSFollower June 16, 2011
Trick of wrapping your genitals around a firework as noted by Attack of the show's Kevin Pereira.
That guy with no balls did the Chinese New Year!
by Axel Dread June 18, 2011
when a man ties 10 Fireworks to his genitals and sets them off
Keven Pirera loves to throw his nuts a Chinese new year
by Xero42 June 16, 2011
A trick where a guy wraps his genitals in fireworks and lights them up.
Man, I can't believe Dave did a Chinese New Year yesterday! He's still recovering in the hospital.
by xxx_play June 16, 2011

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