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When a man receiving a Blow Job, cums into the woman's mouth and politely asks her to blow the semen up into his asshole. Resembling the act of taking a load out and putting a load in, while inside a dirty Chinese owned laundry mat.
Alex: Yo Sam get over here and suck my dick, you Dike.
Sam: Ok
Alex: Now when i cum i want you to blow that shit back up into my asshole. Got it cunt?
Sam: Oh! You want me to give you a Chinese Laundromat?
by EASYGOINGCOMB June 24, 2011
A sexual maneuver which involves a man standing behind a woman. The couple must use an old washing machine that will still operate while the door is open. The woman then places her head inside the machine and is repeatedly "Donkey Punched" while the man receives intense pleasure.
Friend One: Man last night was awesome.

Friend Two: Why?

Friend One: I was down at the laundromat with that hot girl down the hall and no one else was there so i introduced her to the Chinese Laundromat. It was like the greatest Donkey Punch ever
by D. Pyle August 22, 2010

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