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A part of the male genitalia area beneath the penis and above the scrotum.
"Dude, that guy just got hit in either the chindit or the balls and either way, that had to fucking hurt!"
by The Perverted Mind Of Adam June 15, 2009
A long range penetration group that waged a guerrilla war in Burma in 1943 and 1944-5 against Japan during the Pacific War. Named after a creature in Burmese mythology known as the Chinthe.
The Chindits are one of many examples of how modern warfare as we know it started in the second world war.
by Steve Donteatit December 11, 2010
the focking l33test spearhead clan around
#1. whose going to win the EC?

#2.pffffffffffft chindits ofcourse
by -chindits-|tom January 25, 2005

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