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A word that is used to describe something that is totally lame, or really sucks. This word can also be used to describe a person who is acting lame or annoying. This word is usually used to make fun of something or someone. (See examples below.)
Friend 1: What'd you get for your birthday?
Friend 2: Some book...
Friend 1: Haha, wow that's chinchinjewitz!

Friend 1: Yo, you coming out tonight?
Friend 2: Nahh, my parents won't let me.
Friend 1: Wow, that's chinchinjewitz.

Mother: Johnny wants to know if his friends can come over.
Father: No, he has been being chinchinjewitz all day.

Friend 1: Eww, what the hell is that?
Friend 2: I don't know, but it's chinchinjewitz!
by ConsequentlySorry December 26, 2011
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