"chee-na" The word in Puerto Rico for an orange (fruit). The same word is also used for the country. The Spanish word for orange "naranja" is used only for the color orange. Thus, "jugo de china" means orange juice.
"Un dia sin jugo de china es como un dia sin el sol" (a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine)
by Juan787 February 16, 2008
Where everything in this living world is made.
I may be American but 90% of me has the stamp Made In China
by nathalie007 March 05, 2009
A great big country full of Chinese people!

"China, like many other countries could take a fairly decent swipe at the USA, not by attacking it with bombs and guns, but by sending it the bank ballance."

"Having amassed foreign currency approaching the trillion mark, and forcing down the value of it's currency by pegging it to *snigger* the dollar, it has been able to strategically develop a fund, which will sustain its economy if the sniveling twats in charge of US fiscal overseas policy ever succeed in begging the WTO to make China raise the price of it's currency."

China's sole aim in doing all this is to give me something with which to slap abnoxious Americans, so I can jack myself off while watching them bridle in an effort to make some matcho agressive response.
Me: China is "insert made up facts here" because "insert more made up facts here"

American: Yeah but, "insert long winded shale of humorous antagonised patriotism here"

Me: Well China "insert more made up stuff here"

et cetera... ad nauseam...
by thiskevin October 02, 2006
A slang term meaning 'mate'. Originates from China Plate, where Plate rhymes with Mate.
Guy 1: Hey China! Long time no see!
Mate: How are ya pal!? Good to see ya!
by Australian Dude April 17, 2006
People's Republic of China,a wilderness full of wildasses

Party :"All your base are belong to us now , you are on your way to destruction"

wildass:"This is MADNESS!"

Party :"Madness?This is Chinaaaaaa"


Party :"Target neutralized."
by wildass October 13, 2008
(1) One of the largest countries in the world

(2) a type of dinnerware used in formal occasions

(3) Puerto Rican Spanish slang for Orange.
When me & my two College roomates went to a nearby Wal*mart supercenter one day to get some things. One of my roomies saw a nice frying pan & saw the label said that the frying pan was made in China. Next we went by housewares & was some nice looking china dinnerware. My other roomie from Puerto Rico went to the refrigerated juice section & said "Look! the "Jugo de china" on sale here!"
by bigg3469 July 18, 2009
China is a nice place to travel, since it has 2500+ years of history. And its scenery is awesome.
1) it is the world's most populated country;
2) its language is so damn hard for English-speaking ppl to learn;
3) it is Red...Communists controlled...
4) Kids from that land is under a lot of pressure...You never heard about any kid committing suicide after a test? Go there and find plenty...
5) People there are sly and selfish...They make friends for their life, not for who you are...Well it hardly happens...
6) The poor is poorer so You Have to Donate if you want to keep your regular job...And the donation get corrupted by the government. The poor get nothing but pity, well better saying as spiritual support.
7)I don't know what can prevent ppl there from sneaking abroad...
Man 1: Hey I wish I could've lived in Yun Nan Province, hell the scenery is awesome!
Man 2: You didn't hear about the earthquake this summer?
Man 1: Oh thats so not safe to go then!
Man 2: Indeed, the whole China is...
by Whoever knows China deeply August 05, 2009

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