Da rand of rice. U get imprisoned into rice farming slavery. (And Iphones)
Welcome to da rice fields flower bridge! No escape from China.
by TheTrueMuscovy February 10, 2015
A way for sexually shy people to say Vagina.
I need to shave my china.
by iRonlak September 17, 2015
Wayward province of the nation of Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China).
The nation of Taiwan has so many beautiful regions: the scenic East Coast, the beaches of Kenting, the rugged mountains and the province of China.
by Li Keqiang February 20, 2014
A blood-red communist country. Where very cheap and under-par stuffs are made. A country that is responsible concealing SARS and poison milk powder outbreak.

the definition of corrupted communist government.
In China , you can get away with murder by bribing the police.
by truechinese March 16, 2009
In British prison slang, china means friend. It is short for 'china plate' which rhymes with mate.
This uncomplicated style of rhyme slang has characterized prison slang for years.
Billy and I go way back, he's a real china.
by martin March 22, 2005

a kind of plate.

a country.
Dude Hui got the China.

Serves it on china also.

I hear he's from china.
by hugaboo March 30, 2006
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