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Wayward province of the nation of Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China).
The nation of Taiwan has so many beautiful regions: the scenic East Coast, the beaches of Kenting, the rugged mountains and the province of China.
by Li Keqiang February 20, 2014
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A blood-red communist country. Where very cheap and under-par stuffs are made. A country that is responsible concealing SARS and poison milk powder outbreak.

the definition of corrupted communist government.
In China , you can get away with murder by bribing the police.
by truechinese March 16, 2009
42 61
In British prison slang, china means friend. It is short for 'china plate' which rhymes with mate.
This uncomplicated style of rhyme slang has characterized prison slang for years.
Billy and I go way back, he's a real china.
by martin March 22, 2005
329 697

a kind of plate.

a country.
Dude Hui got the China.

Serves it on china also.

I hear he's from china.
by hugaboo March 30, 2006
251 654
Women: Where is China?
Man: Bitch its next to India.
by DJ Gaurav April 16, 2006
415 822
A country rich with history, beautiful scenery, and great people; but a fucked up government that that issues more death penalties than speeding tickets.
I'd like to see China again
by BigBrother1 February 01, 2007
253 666
"chee-na" The word in Puerto Rico for an orange (fruit). The same word is also used for the country. The Spanish word for orange "naranja" is used only for the color orange. Thus, "jugo de china" means orange juice.
"Un dia sin jugo de china es como un dia sin el sol" (a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine)
by Juan787 February 16, 2008
11 431