- A country which not being a USA's dog like UK.
- A country which will stop Japan attack the other country in World War Three.
- A country which can stop USA destory and takeover the world in the future.
- A country which have the power to reject any kind of offer from G.W.Bush.
China: Chinese not being a US'dog like UK.
by peaceful country April 16, 2006
A beautiful, Intelligent Girl who's Very attractive and Funny She has A beautiful voice and is one of those types that are hard To find shes Very talented and Has guys Drooling over Her. She gets along with everyone and many Girls are jealous of her, She Has style and Knows about everyone, Shes Very Respectful and Very kind.
Oh wow shes a very beautiful smart Girl She must be a China?
by jbooogie June 20, 2011
Amazingly gorgeous girl, with a great sense of humor.
Often someone who is tan with brownish green eyes.
Likes to drive the boys wild.
Wow! Whose that girl?
That would be China
by hollaaaaaaah April 19, 2011
The best country in the world :D
China's acheivements are outstanding
by azngurl-fei-xo October 15, 2007
A country with the combination of communist political structure mixed with a capitalist economy.
It's fair to say that China is neither red(communist) or white(capitalist) but a combination of both; therefore pink.
by s0x0r August 09, 2005
A very over populated country
despite its land mass.(largest Country in East Asia)

Has an incredibly long history, and has inspired many other countries in Asia such as Japan and Korea.

China has a population of 1,321,851,888
by Ursack May 20, 2008
One big ass factory of Asians and things.
80% of my belongings are made in China. I am currently dating a girl who also was made in China
by oldemberg May 12, 2014

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