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The element in an individual or series of individuals that makes this individual/these individuals seem cool or socially acceptable.
The primary component of chill pills
Terry has an extreme amount of chillium in him. He beat McLovin.
This soda has a lot of chillium added in it. It's calming me down.
by damnali March 01, 2009
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chillia is essentially a laid out summer word, to be used whilst chilling with your mates, drinking an ice cold bevvy and smoking some chiiiiiiiilia weed draw
"Wanna smoke some chiiiiiiiiiilia?"
by john f June 07, 2004
6 0
Arose in the small town of Stanstead during the long, laid back easy summer of 2004. Chillia was a chilled out tokers word to describe everyones favourite Herb. skunk weed draw gear ting
"Yo Fynan, pass the CHIIIIIIIILIA"
by Landers June 09, 2004
2 0