A word used for saying chill and relax at the same time.
- What'cha doing after work?
- Going home and chillaxin.
by OhhEmmGee_Gurlie February 20, 2008
A cross between chill out and relax
Phil: Man - I'm really stressed at the moment what with world politics, rising fuel prices, general inflation, the kids, work...

Mike: Hey man, just grab a beer and chillax!
by Phil Mifsud January 18, 2008
to relax and chill at the same time.
i plan to chillax this weekend
by C. Osborn December 01, 2007
Chill out.
Calm Down
Take a chill pill
Boy 1: If we don't win our next game, we won't make the play-offs
Boy 2: Chillax! Of course we'll win, that team suck.
by Jamachine October 22, 2006
Chili with laxatives.
Sorry 'bout the mess on your bathroom ceiling. I had some chillax for lunch.
by NghtShd July 20, 2006
A ridiculous term, basically a tautology, which has absolutely no reason for existing other than the middle consonant of "relax" is the same as the last consonant of "chill", and both words have the same meaning. A waste of everyone's time. It's just not cool.
"I'm too cool to say "relax" or "chill" so I have to combine them and say "chillax", when actually the two words are synonyms anyway. Aren't I clever eh?"

"Well you would have been quite clever, but it's been said a million times before and now has over 40 entries on the Urban Dictionary, so sorry love, I'm gonna have to overrule you on that. "Not three bad" was funny once, you know?"
by Scott Daly March 28, 2006
chillin and relaxin at the same time being calm or just hanging out with freinds while being melow
hey wanna go chillax im
so chillaxed right now
dude were so chilaxin
person1 hey we chilaxin at amys house come over
person to eh im pretty chilaxed over here right now maybe ill meet up wid u guys later

by grace Garlough December 18, 2005

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