means to cill and relax
Ben-"fuck off!!!!!!!!"
greg-"you really need chillax man!"
by Treesagreen April 05, 2009
A somewhat awkward combinatin of Relax and chill often coined by little men with beady eyes who talk loudly
No problem man, chillax..that's what I'm sezz'n
by Minnie Mud December 18, 2008
To chill and relax
After work we are all going to the restaurant and chillax.
by Bruce Cadogan September 15, 2008
to chill and relax at the same time
person 1: what are you doing today?
person 2: Just chillaxin by the beach with a coupla freinds.
by La'ale February 23, 2008
If you use or have ever used chillax to mean a combination between "chill" and "relax" just kill yourself before I come over and rip off your arm and shove it up your ass. Let's see you chillax now.
If you ever bitch about Snoop Dogg and someone insults you because you talked shit about him, you should reply by saying "chillax" and everyone will think you're REALLY cool.
by priyal February 09, 2005
It is a slang word that came about from people saying "chill out and relax". People use the word chillax all the time these days. People between the ages of 13 to 39 use this word as the word of choice when they want to sound cool. Usually when someone is acting out or being crazy. There is a drink called Chillax drink. It is a 2oz shot that you can drink to "Chillax" It works to help you focus, relax and understand what is going on better around you.
by Mr Chillax Drink February 09, 2014
chill out + relax
me: hey, can i play one of my songs tonite on your dj set?

him: no wait why would you? i don't think it's a good idea man. sorry..
me: ok man, chillax, i won't. i'll let you be the star of the nite then.
by ahlaksiz zabita November 11, 2011
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