What Snorlax evolves into.
My Snorlax evolved into a Chillax on my Pokemans.
by pokeman fan March 18, 2010
1. To relax and chill simultaneously.
2. ~ation: A state of incomprehendable easyness.

BEWARE: using this word in a non-proper way may cause irritation.
A: Ey bro, what ya doing?
T: Not much, just chillaxin'.
by UCTK November 14, 2009
a combination of chilling and relaxing CHILLAXING!
Me and my friends are chillaxing eating chips and wathing the football game.
by Actorsky June 11, 2009
a combination of the words "chill" and "relax"
Adam, you need to chillax!
by Represent!408 April 21, 2009
means to cill and relax
Ben-"fuck off!!!!!!!!"
greg-"you really need chillax man!"
by Treesagreen April 05, 2009
A somewhat awkward combinatin of Relax and chill often coined by little men with beady eyes who talk loudly
No problem man, chillax..that's what I'm sezz'n
by Minnie Mud December 18, 2008
To chill and relax
After work we are all going to the restaurant and chillax.
by Bruce Cadogan September 15, 2008

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