derived from chill out and relax, a cocktail of the two making for an economical version of trying to calm a stressed individual down
hey, chillax, it'll grow back soon
chillax everyone
by connie May 31, 2004
The time after you are comin down from a really big cocaine high, and you are sittin around chillin wit ur friends in a car or at someones house.
Yo!!! after we get done wit this 8-ball, lets go for a ride and chillax.
To take a nice, relaxing dump after a long hard day of work.
I worked so hard today that as soon as I got home I ran into the bathroom and chillaxed.
by chillax July 08, 2004
to chill
I need to chillax now. I'm stressed.
by paul goldschmidt November 22, 2014

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