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dude relax, chillout; chillax
aw man do i have to write an example? i'd rather chillax
by davetwocombs April 30, 2007
Much like chilling....but way more lazy.
"What are you doing?"

"Oh, not much...just chillaxing"
by MalignantAdenoma December 18, 2005
It means to take it easy, take a load of and chill with a Pooj.
Dude, I am going to chillax, I had a hard day at school
by Stacie February 11, 2004
To be relaxed; To carry out the act of chilling; To rest and be calm
Man, you gotta chillax or else that bitch-ass test is gonna screw you over.
by The Big Man with the plan March 15, 2004
A combination of chill and relax
Hey yo chillax man

yeah ok
by AC November 28, 2003
To take one's ease; rest; in certain situations, one might consider it combination of 'relaxing' and 'chilling'
Bobby, Divya and I are chillaxing tonight.
Everyone needs to just chillax.
by Isaac P January 01, 2003
1.To hang out with friends
2. To smoke marijuana and get high
Yo, I'm bored. Get your pot and let's chillax.
by Melsa August 15, 2005