origins of english slang word:

Chill: To keep ones cool or to chillout

Relax: To sit back and enjoy the moment
Thus being a combonation word
Man your getting your pantties all in a knot, why not just sit back and chillax
by Richard Caron February 13, 2004
*onfgsssss gavisgon is fucking GAY mannnn!!*
"dw.... stop shouting"
"yeah, chilll"
by jazzillaaaa July 01, 2007
A synonym for chilling and relaxing. Another word used to express relaxation. To unwind.
I spent my day chillaxing at home.
I want to go to the beach and just chillax.
by Angel23 March 14, 2007
A combo of, "Chill out," and "Relax." It can also be considered a comb of just, "Chill," and "Relax," the same meaning remains.

It can be used to tell someone to calm down, or to describe hanging out. Example: "We should get some beers and just chillax sometime, man."

The word originated in Richmond area Virginia.
Woah, woah, woah, chillax!
Chillax, I mean you no harm.
You and me should get together and chillax sometime.
Chillax, I didn't mean anything by it.
Alright, see you later. Chillax.
by The Black Rainbow January 20, 2007
To chill and relax, maybe grab some chips and a beer.
Hey, I'm just gonna roll to my girls house and chillax. I hope she has some beer....
by starchaser89 September 20, 2005
To relax and chill out at the same time.
We can chillax downtown after work.
by Rachelle2 July 07, 2005
meaning...chill out and relax
dude#1: dude omgdude u will not guess wat just happened dude it wuz wicked funny dude.
dude#2: dude chillax
by reeva September 10, 2005
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