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chill and relax smooshed together as one word.
1. a person that speaks when spoken to, as much as necessary without giving any un-needed information.
2. a word describing someone or something who should calm down and get their shit together.
1. "i think it's because he's so CHILLAX that it has me sooo drawn to him, it makes me wanna run up to him and start french kissing him in front of everybody!"
2. girl with friends at a crowded club "everybody is fucking touching me and i feel so hot and sweaty and my hair is getting messed up and my feet are killing me"
friend's response "just CHILLAX, damn bitch... you trippen. what did you expect when we got up in here?"

by Lalanii Grant December 11, 2006
2 9
to take it easy; rest; do nothing at all; the act of relaxing and chilling. verb
im gonna head back to the crib and chillax.
by Gary Tsujiuchi August 19, 2006
2 9
to combine chilling out with just plain sitting back relaxing
Man, let's just chillax and play some video games!!
by MikeD702 May 14, 2006
2 9
To chill, and to relax at the same time.
No man i can't chillax today.
by Chizurpaflurpanurple April 23, 2006
1 8
Chilling with an ax (or axe). Possibly a real axe (i.e. battle axe), or just a guitar.


The combination of the words "chill" and "relax" to result in an verb of pure tranquility.
Yo homes, whatchu gonna do?
I don't know man, I think I'm just gonna pick up my guitar and chillax.
by Mugen4 February 27, 2006
5 12
a mix between chill out and relax. meaning to calm down.
TRACIE! Chillax your nutsack!
by meeepit June 03, 2005
12 19
1. A compound verb consisting of the elements “chill” and “relax”. Alternatively, chill out to the max.
2. To keep the ultimate social company, IE to chillax with yo’ homies biach.
“you seem unreasonably angry today, you need to chillax”.
by Theseus314 February 11, 2005
4 11