Chill + Relaxe = Chillax
WTF Dude, chillax okay?
by E f E d H h H August 19, 2005
To chillout and relax at the same time
It's cool, just CHILLAX!
by Chantal Spiccia July 08, 2003
To calm down to a state of cure carelessness.
"Wow that guy needs to chillax or do heroin."
"Why wont he chillax on the stupid fried chicken."
by Chronny November 25, 2007
A phrase said to someone that combines relax and chill.
It is twice as much as expressive than saying relax or chill alone.
You betta' chillax fo' I stick you!
by JJ C. October 26, 2007
chilling, and relaxing
Man will you just Chillax
by Chris Herndon January 04, 2006
To chill and to relax simultaneously, thus attaining an enlightened level of peacefulness and tranquility.
Why are you so pissed off?!?! You need to chillax.
by BaziTamoom July 20, 2003
Chillin and Relaxin
B: What you fixin to do today Deuce?
Deuce: Shit, I'm gonna go chillax with my bitch.
by cherries_cottoncandy April 03, 2007

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