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Chill + Relax. Is commonly used by wiggars, posers, and wannabes. These people try to use this to be cool when they know they aren't. Created by wiggars to make wiggars everywhere cool enough to make a "cool" word.
The word Chillax is the gayest shit I have ever heard. This goes to show wiggars can't create no words
by Killer Lobo February 23, 2005
17 21
Chillax is a term where you sit down and chiil and relax at the smae time. How great is that!
chlilax:relaxin and chillin at the same time
by Calaudra November 22, 2004
0 4
cross between chill and relax
Geez, chillax its just a performance!
by Maddiewuvzyoo November 14, 2003
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A cross between relax and chill out. For when saying just one of those phrases isn't enough.
Jen: "Oh no, oh no, oh no, my socks don't match, everyone will notice..."

Sue: "Jen, chillax. It's just socks."
by Ladian January 07, 2008
0 5
chillax is a way of relaxation. It is the highest form of relaxation. it comes from chill and from the word relax. chill is the first part of the word and relax is the second part of the word
Jon: Yo homie!
Carl: What
Jon: Whoa boy you've had a hard day?
Carl: Yeah
Jon: boy just chillax it'll help everything
by bighen522 December 11, 2007
4 9
to chill and relax; to rest
dad: what's up son?
kid: nm dawg, jus chillaxin
by Chris28 November 11, 2005
6 11
Chill + Relaxe = Chillax
WTF Dude, chillax okay?
by E f E d H h H August 19, 2005
8 13