the words "chill" and "relax" joined as one to make "Chillax" which sounds awesome.
"Chillax man i'll get it fixed"
by bella.<333 August 10, 2008
an expression where in u asking the person to chill and relax....
hey chillax dude... life anyways sucks...!!
by namz January 20, 2008
to chill and relax simultaneously.
also to call someones attention to the fact they are not doing so.
'chillax-in' may be used to describe ones current circumstances.
"yo, chillax man"
"me, aw, chillax-in at home"
by big jim the 3rd September 16, 2007
chilling and relaxing at the same time
After a tiring week at work, Megan decided to chillax over the weekend, drinking beer and watching tv while slouching on the sofa.
by careenah June 10, 2007
A word most commonly associated with chilling and relaxing. These events sometime occur at the same time. But basically, this word was coined in essence because of the overuse of the words chill and relax. This is the modern usage of these latter terms. It has been reported that this word was first used by David Kram, a Missouri resident. Lets chillax!
Hey, do you want to come over to my crib and chillax?

Dude, chillax. You will get some tonight.
by David Kram August 08, 2006
"chillax" abv. is a combonation of "chill out" and "relax" and is only to be used in times of extreem stress!
jebus kelly just chillax
by brokite_21 February 06, 2006
1. a mix between chill and relax:
chillax or i will cut u
by family____guy July 27, 2005

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