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some type of drug pill thing too but whatever. MOST people use it to tell someone to calm down or ease up. It also means to relax
Sumiyah: Oh my Goddd!! I wanna choke her
Fana: Sumiyah! relax gurl. take a chill-pill
by hayimus October 26, 2009
Relax, it's not that big of a deal.
"Woah, it's just a game, don't get so upse, take a chill-pill"
by Dillon Kat December 19, 2001
while not truelly a "pill" it is a comment used by one party to let another party know that everyone else in the room but them knows they are acting like a complete asshole...
dude, we already got the tickets, take a chill pill, man
by t.d.d. December 06, 2003
A sort of invisible pill, prescribed by anyone. Some idiots think that they could buy chill pills online, who on earth knows whether it works.
Guy (whacking a person with a newspaper): What the f**k is this you f*****g idiot f**k off graah!
Guy who just got hit with a newspaper: What the... take a chill pill, person.
*Guy still whacks the person with a newspaper then gets thrown out and has the chill pill*
by HabsAZillion October 09, 2009
A figurative pill you can give someone when they are...
A. High
B. Hyper
C. Hyperventilating
Woah dude, take some deep breaths and a chill pill.
by Hannah Lumpkins June 09, 2005
A mysterious invisible pill, which should be taken when the individual involved need the bug shoved in their butt rapidly removed
"F**k off Gav"
"Wow Frankie what the f**k?, who shoved that bug up your butt? take a chill pill!"
by Gavinisimo August 31, 2005
Also known as LSD. some dealers put that on the front of the pill cause LSD makes u chill. Hence the name, chill pill
Want some chill Pill?
by miikesexman January 18, 2009