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Insert 33 beans in your partners rectum, then perform anal sex until you pick 33 beans off your penis or dildo
Last night I gave my girlfriend a chilean mine shaft last night
by Ivin Knotty October 15, 2010
A man cums deep in someone's anus, then uses his finger to dig out his sperm. While digging for "his men", it is likely he will have to remove some poop.
I was fucking this slut in her asshole, and right before I was about to pull out, I decided to give her a Chilean mine shaft.
by epicjammer October 12, 2010
Morning wood covered in dried shit, as resulting from prolonged intermission between anal sex and cleaning one's self. Usually due to sleep, unconsciousness or prolonged confinement in a copper mine.

See also: Chilean mine worker
After a drunken night of angry anal sex and passing out, I woke up at noon to find that I had a Chilean mine shaft.
by Chilean doghouseS August 27, 2010
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