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A weaker, smaller person or country that has delusions of being big and strong and thus tries to intimidate others by barking constant threats, which usually serve little more purpose than just to annoy all those around. This behavior is often frustratingly tolerated because a violent reaction against such an obviously weaker, smaller person or country would seem immoral and inhumane. Still, sometimes you just want to kick the fucking thing across the room.
Bill's neighbor constantly argues with him over trivial things, often issuing veiled threats of violence in the process, but Bill never takes the threats seriously as Bill is twice his size and clearly in much better shape. Rather than going to jail for kicking his neighbor's ass, Bill simply chalks it up to chihuahua syndrome and tries to make the best of the unfortunate situation.

Did you hear? North Korea is threatening the United States again. Again? They have such a chihuahua syndrome.
by jimbobjones4949 November 23, 2013
It where you spin around on a swing and almost fly out because you are too small.
girl: omg, I had chihuahua syndrome on that swing.

girl 2: me too, we could have died.
by taciton November 13, 2011
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