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A cheeky cigarette
Fee: wanna go for a chiggo?

Cara: whilst smoking chigga chigga yeah
by keeleylolnope December 03, 2013
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Chiggo originated from the late swiss panda dynasty of the ladder makers guild ogrinated by Jebidiah Chiggo who himself was a pastry chef for McDonalds. Later on in life Jebidiah met a fisherman named Jerry and gave him thirty-seven cents. This became known as the great "Thirty-Seven Cents Charter" which is now a founding consitution of Madagascar.
Why, yes, I would chiggo the celery.
by Ian Kinsey September 30, 2004
A word that my children made up as a derogatory term for any people who live in Chicago, rather than call them a Chicagoan. It was done from a humorous standpoint, as we live near Chicago.
"Look at all these Chiggos!" (referring to when you're in Chicago)

"Wait, are you a Chiggo?" (referring to a friend online you find out is from Chicago)
by Earth Mama October 21, 2014

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