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A person too chic to be considered hipster.
"It's just gonna be a party full of chicsters discussing the newest Sartorialist post... so let's go!"
by cazo0 October 22, 2008
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Too classy to be "Hipster" and too edgy to conform to "Mainstream" fashions.
"Her fashion blog is chuck full of images of "Chicsters."

scenester clubkid gucci hipster trendy
by casey mae January 16, 2011
A trend-setter that boarder lines between "Hipster" and "Mainstream" fashions.
"She has a 9-5 but on the weekends she has a very edgy, chicster wardrobe."

indie trendy gucci hipster fashionista original mainstream
by casey mae January 16, 2011
Has developed a very clear, edgy, personal style.
Out on the town:
Male Friend: "You look great!"
Chicster: "Thanks! You like my new cape?"
Male Friend: "Yes. It is VERY Casey!!!!"

"ONLY Casey would wear a poncho to go see Tron."

scenester hipster indie gucci hipster trendy fashionista
by casey mae January 16, 2011
Trendy yet classy
Mark Demarco is a chicster
by meekone February 27, 2009

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