A type of gum that is mixed with weed. It is awesome.
I had too many chicklets. I am tripping balls
by Luke Rogers (the cool one) September 08, 2008
Top Definition
A young woman that is far too young for an older man to hook up with, but is still very pleasing eye-candy.
That bartender is way hot! Too bad she's just a Chicklet.
by Tankboy February 13, 2006
Another word for tooth, or teeth (chicklets). Derived from the chewing gum "Chicklets" which actually look like perfectly square white teeth.
When I decked the fucker, he spit out three of his chicklets.

I shoved the lumber in his face, and got three minutes in the box, but he lost two of his chicklets.
by T. Lux. July 11, 2003
Reffering to ones teeth.
Keep talking smack, I'll knock your chicklets out.
by Jeepingirrl September 07, 2005
1. square shaped bubble gum.

2. teeth
Rusty went to the market and got some chickets.

Roscoe just got his chickets blasted out in once punch.
by cardinal_fan October 14, 2004
A woman with a mullet
A chicklet is commonly found at a Nascar race, drag race, or trailer park BBQ.
by Shawn Barnes May 09, 2008
Aside from the other definitions, Chicklet is a pop-dance-rock-techno-weird band from Toronto. They aren't well known. They are awesome.
chickletmusic.com, checkit.
by soliloquy January 25, 2005
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