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chick·en·niggers chik-uhn-naggers

Usual refers to as fried chicken fingers, an exquisite delicacy to all African Americans (Also known as Niggers or Negros in the late 60's)

A combination of Chicken and Niggers

Bought at the astonishing price of 8 dollars (Also known as "dollas" according to Urban Dictionary as the term used by African Americans) for about 3 or 4 pieces, usually found in fast food restaurants such as KFC.
Negro1: yea boii i'll have some Chickeniggers

Negro2: yea boii i have wut he's havin' nigga

Negro1: *sits at a table alone and eye fucks his Chickniggers* Oh chickenniggas you so crazy!!

Negro2: oh lawd have mercy on them delicious chickeniggas
by NeyNeyIsOffDaHizzey July 13, 2010
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