A game like "Russian roulette" but instead of shooting at ones head you shoot at your foot......has been described as "BETTER THAN BUSTING A NUT, MAN!"
Hey you wanna play Chicken foot? It's
just watch the video

by Jor claw dan berg January 25, 2009
Top Definition
New amazing classic rock band consisting of guitar legend Joe Satriani,Ex van halen vocalist Sammy Hagar,Ex Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Drums. This band is an awesome band. I recommend checking out their stuff. Soap on a rope is my favoritew song the group has. their singles are Sexy little thing,Oh yeah, and soap on a rope.
Although the band name Chickenfoot sounds funny, their music is definately worth listening.
by pango14762 November 23, 2009
1) The male equivalent to camel toe

2) When pants are so tight, that the penis shaft is compressed into the testicles. The spandex-like pants conform to the shape of both the shaft and the testicles, giving the appearance of a chicken foot (3 toes with the middle toe extended further downward)

3) A delicacy at Chinese dim sum restaurants

4) A delicacy at brothels
Hey i hear that girl likes to choke on chicken foot. Because shes a skank.
by mischokesonchicken March 31, 2011
As boiled by a Rastafarian called Neville with no stomach, as some kind of unusual carribean delicacy.

Also the new name for the constellation known as the little plough, or little bear, with the Pole Star being the chicken toe.

Not some kind of fungal infection.
Yo whagwarn, poke me chicken foot ai.
The chicken foot is up there, if you look at the toe, you'll be going north.
Chicken foot! (a synonym for funny.)
by Joe, Twos, Ian August 17, 2006
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