'Chicken fingers' is the act during which a guy goes to go down a girl's pants and hesitantly chickens out because he's a pussy.
Man, I went to go down on my girl last night but I totally got chicken fingers
by Widdle Arms May 15, 2009
When you want to flip someone the bird, but the fear takes over making you unable to.
That guy pissed me off, but I had chicken finger.
by Tripp Waller May 26, 2007
Chicken Finger - Verb - To cut off someone's finger for stealing your food.
Danielle gave Eleka a chicken finger for monging off her fries.
by Pewt March 21, 2006
C.F - a girl named Katlin from queen of peace. Fingers herself in class. I guess she just cant get a guy to do it. sux for her
"we call her chicken fingers bc guys put bags over their heads and push her head down when they want an easy blow."
((but dont care to see her ugly buck tooth face..of course))
by jaaaaaaaackie April 23, 2005

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