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I think USA hells angels are called chicken heads for a few reasons. (1) because of the silly looking patch they wear that looks like a chicken head (2) because they seem to be always on the prowl looking for new men to love and support them (3) because no one except scum support them . I heard many other reason but I am to lazy.

The USA hells angels have the largest percent of members that harm rape molest and murder American women and children in America out of any club or group I have ever heard of .

Hells angel are a bunch of out of shape fat punks that date a gang of fat out of shape men to support and protect them
I have rearlt seen a hells angel out with out a man .
Look at that fat chicken head out looking for a man to support him and his chicken head gang.
by Foe of the fowl chicken heads January 07, 2010
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