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During sex in the "doggy style" position, it is the act of bending your significant others arm in a way that resembles a chicken wing right before she/he orgasms, forcing him/her to scream even louder than usual, giving the facade of anyone hearing that you have massive sexual prowess.

Applies to both sexes.
Man 1: Oh man, I heard you and Sally at it last night, she was screaming like crazy!
Man 2: Well, she was kind of silent for a bit, then I gave her a Chicken Winging, and made her scream.
Man 3: Oh snap! I do that too!
by Scizzies August 01, 2010
Chicken-winging is a complicated way to cop a feel, usually used as a last resort against a particularly resiliant bra. The man, after failing to go under or undo the bra during a makeout session, may reach his hand up the girls shirt and then down into the cup from the top. This results in an awkward bend in the elbow, and causes the arm to resemble a chicken wing. Hence, chickenwinging.
She had on this bad motherfucker of a bra. So I had to resort to chicken-winging.
by DJ Tickle September 11, 2006
A sexual technique not dissimilar to a handjob where one lover uses the inner elbow to manually masturbate the male sexual organ of a willing partner, moving the arm up and down until completion like a chicken flappin' that sexy bird wang, y'all.
Yeah, I thought Cynthia was boring too until I saw her chicken-winging Frank in the Chuck E. Cheese ballpit last Thanksgiving.
by Pocahontas Jones August 12, 2013
When one jerks off another penis with one's arm pit while one jerks off a third penis with their hand.
Chuck was chicken winging over by the stadiums to help reduce the crowd that was building because of his awesome services.
by jack_Crichton July 29, 2014
When one masturbates by using the space between their forearm and bicep, forming the shape of a chicken wing.
Oh man, Bill Churchill torqued his shit chicken winging it!
by SoulBandaid & KarmaRocket December 01, 2004
When driving with your window down in your car, Having your elbow and arm resting on the door.
I was driving down the street the other day, windows down, chicken winging like fark
by da dew dog January 13, 2010
The act of using a chicken wing in place of a mans penis because the woman is more likely to get an orgasm from the chicken wing due to the small size of the mans penis
Damn you have a tiny dick. Have you ever given your girlfriend an orgasm?

Yea. She always does once I start chicken winging her
by ADHD93 April 25, 2010
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