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A chicken whore is a person who has their own chicken yet steals other people's chicken. such as a whore is a girl who has a man yet goes out and has sex with multiple other men. It is the same concept only with chicken.
Two people are eating chicken and one of them still has their own but steals some of the other persons, that person is a Chicken Whore.
by potheadstolemychicken May 03, 2011
A chicken whore is a whore who instead of getting paid with money like the rest of the whores, gets paid in chicken for her services. A chicken whore is usually black and has big titties and a phat ass from all the greasy chicken shes been given.
KFC's been robbed by a mob of chicken whores again!

Did you see the bangin chicken whore...I wish I had some chicken left for her!
by J•Diżżłę April 29, 2012
Someone who eats alot of chicken, or eats chicken very regularly or has a deoendency on chicken.
Rod is only friends wit chicken whores, he be hittin the kfc almost everyday to please his women.
by mariamariaha December 20, 2008
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