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Another word for the vent of a hen. Where the egg comes out. Slang for a someone with a messy appearance.
She must have a big chicken pussy to lay an egg that big.
Dang, he is all looking like a chicken pussy.
by alldjds February 24, 2011
A man is a chicken and a pussy.
Joe you need to buy 50 S&P futures and stop being a chicken pussy.
by Party Time Man December 12, 2008
A worthless male or female(mainly male)freeloader. It stems from the fact almost every part of a chicken is useful but the the empty cavity between it's legs.
Ty is about as useful as a chickenpussy in a bucket of $10 chicken.
by Bubby07 August 04, 2007
another word for chickenshit, or pussy! Someone with no balls, spine, or backbone!!
He should stand up for himself, tell her no, but he's to chickenpussy to do so!
by mesican1 December 26, 2009
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