The non-Republican version of Chick Fil-A. Gay rights activists are sure to enjoy this version of the infamous restaurant.
"Hey let's go down and get some Chick Fell-A-tio to protest ignorance against gay rights."
by LivelyLibra July 31, 2012
Top Definition
Eating fried chicken in an overzealous manner
That dude just went DOWN on that drumstick. That's some Chick Fellatio right there.
by Shamrock The Casba November 18, 2010
The act of providing oral sex to someone in the parking lot of Chick-fil-a in protest of the owners position on homosexuality.
The girl at the drive in was appalled when she looked down and saw Neil giving Bob Chick-Fell-Atio.
by BusterBronco August 01, 2012
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