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Chicano rap is rap amde by Chicanos
"I love Chicano Rap!"
by Mz_Sunshine aka Lao_Dreamer February 06, 2005
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real gangster rap made by mexican/americans also known as chicanos usually bald headed cholos who are gang affiliated to surenos or the mexican mafia nortenos are also chicano rappers but their rap sounds like black rap(no disrespect to black people) and nortenos use the n word alot that also applies to texas chicano rappers and chicano rappers from nyc but sureno chicano rappers from southern california and some from nevada and arizona talk only about gangbanging and about the mexican raza and about their brown pride.
Chicano rapper: Chicano rap talks more about gangbanging and brown pride and reggaton only talks about having sex while black rap only talks about bitches and money.
by mexicanlakerfan August 18, 2007
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great music that most rappers are not widely known
"chicano sounds of the downest" -lil' rob
by PUSSY IS THE BEST LIKE LA August 20, 2005
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