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A chicano is a first generation Mexican American who is proud of his heritage, and is raised in the Mexican traditional way, but living in an American socity.
Chicano De Aztlan!!!!!
by Edaid Rojas September 03, 2004
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A first generation American born to parents of Mexican descent
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
A person with mexican heritage born in the United States; one who feels culturally screwed up & is not fully accepted by either Americans or Mexicans but only by others of their kind.
by edica September 27, 2003
Chicano/a is a state of mind. Yes one must be Mexican American to be a Chicano, but not necessarily an anti-social or left wing militant.
Remember the key part of being a Chicano is that we are Mexican American. Chicanos pride ourselves on our education, Famila, art, warrior qualities and our love for God.
by Joey Moreno February 13, 2005
A Mexican-American that knows what's up and it really pisses him or her off.
"Victoria is a hard-core Chicana."
by J5 February 27, 2003

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