The physical act of plowing an ugly and/or nasty chick. See also: Chicago.
Guy 1: "So, what did you do last night?"
Guy 2: "I had some Chicago deep-dish."
Guy 1: "Oh yeah? Where'd you get that?"
Guy 2: "Yo momma!"
Guy 1: "You nasty playa!"
by J&R October 23, 2005
Top Definition
When your fucking a girl in the ass and about to cum, pull out while you are spreading her buttcheeks to gape her asshole and gizz in and around the rim of her asshole so that the gizz forms a "pizza crust" like formation around her asshole.
I gave that skank the dirtiest chicago deepdish
by Loxdap December 09, 2008
Have your partner poop on pizza dough in a deep dish pan. Cover it with pizza sauce and cheese. Bake it at 375 for 18-20 minutes. While your partner is eating the pizza, ejaculate on his/her face, then punch them in the stomach.
Hey, have you had our famous Chicago Deep Dish pizza?
by Brenda23 May 26, 2007
the act of defecating into someone's gaping asshole as they lay on their back with their ass in the air. Then proceding to eat said shit out of the ass.
preferably done with a resident of chicago and/or outlying areas.
Q:"wanna go to chicago deep dish tonight?"

A:"nah,i had that last night with your father"
by kevykevy February 13, 2006
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