When they win, the fans are CONVINCED that every other team sucks and the Bears will win the Super Bowl.

When they lose, it's the referee's fault, or the quarterback's fault, and the Bears did not get beaten, because they could have won the whole time. When the Bears are knocked out of the playoffs, fans claim that they don't really care and automatically become die hard fans of the favored Super Bowl contender.

The only team with fans that will brag about an 8-8 season.
The only team that can produce 50 yards of total offense and still win.
The only team that can win 4 games in a row and still have nobody take them seriously.
The only team that can get beaten on the field all game and win with one lucky play.
The only team that claims that they are still better than the team that just won the Super Bowl.
The only team that has a song written about how much they suck.
The Chicago Bears have not won a Super Bowl in over 20 years, yet fans still claim that they are the best team in the league.

They have so many records because they have been in the league for so long.
The Bears still suck.
by Bearsstillsuck March 22, 2011
The shittiest team in the NFL, whose 2010-11 season was ended (no shit right?) by the Chicago Bears on January 22, 2011.
The Chicago Bears are hopeless.
by Mike Dickta January 22, 2011
how you doin', kordell stewart!
Da Bears!
by ZZ99 March 23, 2004
A washed up overrated team with a horrible QB. They won't win the superbowl this year or any year in the near future. Chicago fans rant on about how good their defense is and how good in general the team is but in all honesty if you think the Bears are good you have down syndrome.
My 5 year old brother's football team is better than the Chicago Bears, and my 10 year old sister is a better QB than Grossman.
by xttN January 09, 2007
A "professional" football team from the NFC North division of the NFL, hailing from Chicago Illinois, the armpit of America. The Bears are one one of the most overrated teams in NFL history. The only admirable records the Bears hold are due to longevity in the league. The Bears believe in running the football and playing tough defense, which is fitting since they hail from crime ridden Chicago where many of their fans must do the same. The Bears won 9 total championships, but have managed only one Superbowl despite being one of the top ten wealthiest NFL teams. The Bears have not fielded a decent offense, EVER. The Bears fanbase are a bunch of racist and obnoxious people who live in the "City of Big WOMEN Shoulders" and who also enjoy throwing cups of beer at little old ladies in the stands at their home dump, Soldier Field. The Bears are the only team in the NFL who have a recorded song named after them, which is "The Bears Still Suck" by the Happy Schnapps combo. The Bears organization is usually heavily influenced by their city's pompous media.
The Chicago Bears still suck !!!
by Stevie Bartman March 14, 2007
A team that continues to live in and dwell on their past accomplishments.
A team that went 13-3 and did it all without a good offense, they lived off of their Defense and then tore it all apart the following off-season.
A team that will NEVER get back to their glory days, no matter which DEFENSIVE or OFFENSIVE coordinator they hire in place of John Shoop

Also see Chicago Cubs
Oh ya? Well, look at 1985 and 1986, those were hella good years. What has your team done?
by PACK ATTACK February 03, 2004
A shitty team coming out of Chicago, that has no offense and relies on special teams and defense to score nearly all their points for them. They will never make the Super Bowl of ever be taken seriously with an offensive proficiency of a Pee Wee football team.
Did you see the game on sunday?

The Chicago Bears won 14-3

Grossman had 10 yards passing and Thomas Jones rushed for -10 yards.

Brian Urlacher ran an interception back for a touchdown as well as Mike Green. Typical Bears.
by Kingspade August 23, 2006

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