Big Daddy Kane said it best: "No need to educate Chicago - they already have Common Sense" :)
In fact by now, I hope that Luniz got a 100 on it.
by renato June 21, 2005
A formerly great city that is now nothing but a haven for liberals, illegal immigrants, gangs, corrupt politicians and the whiniest residents of any big city in the US. Chicago used to be a tough, blue-collar, gritty, hard-working city, but now it is nothing but a city of sissies and whiners. White people in Chicago try to act tough but the reality is that white neighborhoods in Chicago are comparable to the lamest suburbs. The minority neighborhoods are gang and violence ridden and beyond hope, but all the white Chicago brats pretend they used to live in one of those neighborhoods or know it well. Chicagoans still love those old Saturday Night Live skits about "Da Bulls" and "Da Bears," but there really is no such thing as a Chicago accent anymore unless someone is trying to be cute and forces one out of their mouth. Also, Chicagoans love to talk about "Chicago winters," but most Chicagoans hate the winter and stink at driving in the snow. Honestly, when it snows in Chicago you'd think all the drivers were from Hawaii, that is how poorly Chicagoans drive in the snow. Liberal Democrats have wrecked Chicago but nobody will admit it. Nobody can afford to live there anymore due to the outrageous taxes to pay for all the city's corruption. The only deep-dish pizza you'll ever really see is at a handful of restaurants or on the Travel Channel. Most pizza places in Chicago are run-of-the-mill or local chains comparable to Dominos or Papa John's. Chicagoans think they are tough and conservative, but this is a city that banned goose liver in restaurants, considered starting a safe school for gay kids, banned all smoking in bars, and won't let the residents own a gun. All Chicago residents know that Chicago is basically a Midwest version of San Francisco but they'll never admit it. Yes, it used to be a great city, but it won't be ever again.
Chicago used to be a tough city, but it might as well be known as San Francisco, IL.
by Rudolph Schmidt March 07, 2009
I HEART CHICAGO LOVES THE COCK and is a all chicagonads
I HEART CHICAGO blows truckers for crack money
A city that is NOT raciallly divided.
Theres a west a north and a south side to it...No east cus we have Lake michigan (part of the biggest freshwater bodies of water in the world)
We have the Tallest Building in the world Not all white ppl live in the north and not all black ppl live in the south
We are one of the most intergrated cities
A bunch of my fellow illegal immigrants live here Viva Mexico.
and We have 4 seasons unlike ppl down in california who only have one boring season all year long and we have verrrry good tourist attractions.
Home of some ghetto ass suburbs
This city breaks all the sterotypes.
Chicago, My city, My town, My second home.
Viva Mexico.
by Aztek May 25, 2005
I heart chi-town needs a life. New York crime-ridden? Let's do a little breakdown here, honey:

New York: 8 million people, 572 murders in 2004.
Chicago: 2.8 million people, 460 murders in 2004.

New York's murder rate: 6.9 per 100,000
Chicago's murder rate: 16.5 per 100,000

I've been to Chicago and there's no comparison to New York. Of course you think Chicago's safer, because you racists do a damn good job of hiding your poor and minorities. Outside of downtown, Chicago is indistinguishable from Detroit. There's an utter lack of quality culture compared to New York and the people are ignorant, arrogant, blue-collar Midwestern heifers. Half the people who I know from Chicago moved to New York and said it was the best thing they ever did. Only two of my friends from New York who moved to Chicago have deigned to say they like it.

So keep your segregation, your dirty lake, your even dirtier river, your autocratic mayor, your horrid public schools, your criminal police department, your high crime, and your damn Sears Tower. You are the second city and you always will be.

Wait, that's right. LA's the second city. That makes you THIRD.
If New York were shit-cago's (lack of capitalization intentional), size, it would have 193 murders a year.

If shit-cago were New York's size, it would have 1,400 murders a year.
by shit-cago March 17, 2005
A city that is a waste of space. The people don't know how to drive, it smells like dog shit, and no one has an education in that city. If you are looking for a nice midwestern city, try ANYWHERE but shit-cago.
Hey, didn't you go to chicago this weekend?

Yea, it sucks, it smells like dog shit there.
by Sean S February 11, 2005
A pretty crappy city. A shithole compared to New York. It doesn't even top Boston, which isn't even the best compared to Provincetown. And the people are arrogant asshole's, unlike New Yorkers.
There's no gay scene in Chicago. Bo-ring...I'm going to San Francisco.
by AflacJack January 18, 2005

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