a boy who likes to plait his hair.
is that a girl or a gay guy?
no it's just a chez.
by heheveryfunny November 16, 2012
Short for the word matches.
Don't forget the chez when ya get da cigs!
by Jimmyrinbr July 23, 2006
late-60s synonym for noun 'cum', 'jizz', or 'ejaculate'
He came back into the dance from his car with chez stains on his pants.

She came home from the dance with chez on her satin dress.
by John R. December 30, 2003
jizz, commonly known as semen.
When he saw that girl he chezzed his pants
by Dude October 11, 2003
Hardcore Heroin user/abuser, often found on the streets trying to sell bodily fluids for one last hit, will do anything for heroin or money.
1. That Chez over there just tried to sell me some stomach acid.
2. I think I may be Chezzing, I just blended my legs to sell to the hospital for medical research so I could get some drug money.
by Comrade.... January 30, 2005
a person who is gay...AKA a guy who likes men..and says he likes Rachel. Clearly a lie. Also a bad goalie in ice hockey.
That guy is a chez.
by Jeanmarie and Tony February 22, 2003

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