Orginates from sydney: pronounced ch - eaz.

An extremely cool bulky and muscular person who is very popular and considered homosexual by most people
Man that guys such a chez
by christien June 30, 2011
Top Definition
Chez is a cool way to say cheese.
Hey I need some chez for my sandwich!
by oohbarbie February 05, 2005
A more epic version of saying cheese
Cheddar Chez is teh smex
by Tomolloy August 26, 2008
Chez is short for bitches or "bit"-"chez". This refers to attractive females that males target for sexual activities. Types of females not included in this category are the feared wild gruffalo, swamp donkies and duckbill platypus.
This party is going to be great, do you know how many chez are going to be there?
by chezmaster May 15, 2012
Synonym for swag. Can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. Usually to clearify that you're winning.
Student 1: Dude how did you do on that test?
Student 2: I chezzed that shit so nasty. Perfect score.
Student 1: Dude you're so chezzy!
by BuzzMan007 April 07, 2011
A slang word for Chewing Tobacco also known as Dip, Chew, Cha, or Lip.
Chez is so delicious and tasty lets get Chez for everyone.
by J A K 3 G March 31, 2013
Chez means cheesy in a sketchy way. It means something isn't right like it isn't appropriate.
Did you girls with those creepy guys? it was like so chez.
by Themasterofwords March 31, 2013
Chez was originally a mispelling of the word cheese, that became a popular use over the internet. It still means cheese though. (pronounce it quickly and as if you were saying "chairs" with out the "r").
Joe: gimme chez.
Bob: kk.
Joe: fnx.
by Braderz October 13, 2005
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