he utmost existence of perfection. Cheyenne is the most gorgeous and pure person on Earth. She's always on time, very punctual and helpful. She's the one who volunteers for everything, no matter how weird. Cheyenne is that person who agrees to be 'that persons' partner when no one else wants to. She's the favorite of all higher ups. No one hates Cheyenne, and it's the 11th commandment to not upset her. She always apologizes for everything, even if it's not even VAGUELY her fault. Once you know her, the phrase: "What Would Jesus Do?" Changes into: "What Would Cheyenne Do?" And you find it works much better that way. She's extremely smart and clever, but she also does sports, so she's smart AND in shape! Cheyenne is just perfection and idealism, which cannot every be expressed in enough words. Even this definition is simply scraping the top of the surface, as Cheyenne is just so magnificent that no one could ever imagine.
Person one: "Wow! That girl is so nice and perfect, and she never makes anyone mad!"

Person two: "She has the makings of a Cheyenne!"
by Garthy657 February 17, 2010
Top Definition

1) A 'bad influence' though really she's a good one ;D
2) Possibly one of the most rad people in this world.
3) absolutely insane, but easy to fall in love with
4) Very pretty, blonde hair, blue eyes.
5) very mature for her age
6) finds the good in everything
7) has an amazing voice, body, mind, soul, and heart.
8) Great friend
9) Extremely sexual and kinky
10) funny as hell
Damn that girl Cheyenne is awesome
by Woahish November 17, 2008
To run up behind somebody, hit them in the back of the head, and then run away very fast.
I'm gonna Cheyenne that bitch when i see her tomorrow!
by Abdi Gihad April 08, 2008
probably the coolest person you will ever meet.
Hey, did you see that Cheyenne girl yesterday, oh yeah, shes the coolest person ive ever met.
by SIIIIKEEEEE November 13, 2009
An amazing beautiful young lady that has the greatest heart of all. They greatest person you will ever come across and ever speak to. The is the only person that can keep a secret and shes a sexy ass bitachh. I love her so much!!!
one day i was crying and cheyenne took me in her arms and conforted me :)
by Mz Greeko June 20, 2010
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is loving and gentle, but is capable of killing you with her bare hands. She is the definition of beauty. There is no force on earth that can resist her charm. Has the best sense of humor. She is unknowingly seductive and irresistible. People on her good side will find her sensitive and passionate; but people on her bad side may find themselves with no limbs floating on a raft to Cuba. But over all, Cheyenne is just an all around sexy babe.
guy1: dude! I met the most amazing girl last night. She’s a total Cheyenne.
guy2: you better be careful. You might not survive this.
by meantformore February 22, 2011
pretty cool, cute,nice, sorta random and crazy which is awesome, and like a major bad ass This chick has like 3 multiple personalities and all of them are amazing,, the shy funny, and smart one,, the gorgeous outgoing one,, and the kinking try anything one,,, she is unique and u def dont fuck with her
I met this girl, she was crazy fun, sweet gorgeous,, and had a bit of a temper,, it was awesome

hmm she sounds like a cheyenne,, have fun
by Just a nameless girl January 11, 2012
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